"Angels" From Your Community Working Together To Bring Love and Support To All

Our Angels at work

1. Samuel Bellamy - 2019


Youth Development Consultant/Trainer

Charleston, SC



Community and school-based mentoring consultant that works with you and your organization to provide innovative and customized training and presentations for front-line youth staff, administrators, and key stakeholders.

2. Katie Blomquist - 2019


 Going Places Founder and Executive Director 

"Bringing Joy to Children in Need"

PO Box 2188

Mount Pleasant, SC 29465

p: 224-715-5156


fb: @GoingPlacesNonprofit | insta: @Going_Places_Nonprofit 

twitter: @GoingPlacesNP  |
LinkedIn: Katie Blomquist

 Going Places provides disadvantaged kids with their most basic childhood right- A right to Joy. We do that by providing EVERY child in the low-income elementary schools with a new, custom bike, so we are giving 400, 600, etc bikes at once! We also provide Halloween costumes to kids who cannot afford one as well as partner with local businesses and provide their product as a gift of Joy for the entire staff that work at low-income elementary schools. 

3. Earl Brown - 2018


Coming Soon

4. Louise Brown - 2019


Coming Soon

5. Archie Burkel - 2018


Founder and Top Hat of The Hat Ladies

805 Heyward Cove

Charleston, SC  29412


The Hat Ladies brings together Ladies of all ages who love hats of all colors and wear them in a spirit of camaraderie and community service.  We are a stylish brigade of volunteers who are making a difference in Charleston and beyond.  

Toss your hat in our ring and see for yourself.  You will be "haTpy" you did.yourself.  You will be "haTpy" you did!

6. Joy Campbell - 2018


Coming Soon

our angels at work

7. Valencia Cash - 2019


 FTFOM is a multi-facet faith-based 501c3 IRS approved Public Charity.

Founder Valencia R. Cash Incorporated 2006 inArkansas and 2016 in South Carolina. 

Facebook: @ftfoutreachSC
Cell: 843-749-9221

We're actively relieving hunger, promoting wellness, spreading hope through cancer care ministry and nurturing the disadvantage!


Fanning The Flame Prophetic Evangelical Outreach

Seeds of Hope Cancer Care Outreach & Ministry

Homeless and Hunger Relief Outreach

Behold The Glory Worship Arts Workshops


Kingdom Advancement International Training Institutes

8. Katie Dahlheim - 2018


 Founder of Lowcountry Blessing Box Project

Charleston,  SC




The Lowcountry Blessing Box Project maintains and stocks anonymous donation sites for non-perishable food items throughout the Lowcountry region of South Carolina, in an effort to fight food insecurity.  Only one rule applies:  Leave what you can, take what you need. 

9. Marlena Davis - 2018


Coming Soon

10. Thomas Dixon - 2018


ounder of The Coalition - People United to Take Back Our Community

• Brady Board Member

ttps://www.facebook.com/thomas.dixon.391Email: tad3189@gmail.com
Thomas Dixon is a proven social justice advocate who is well known for his “boots on the ground” approach to addressing our societal ills from a holistic perspective. His work covers a wide variety of social justice issues including gun violence, domestic violence and bullying prevention, criminal justice reform, holding our law enforcement and elected officials accountable, fighting for living wages & the right to collective bargaining, universal healthcare, quality public education, affordable college & universal pre-K education, accessible housing, veterans and elderly benefits, respect for the rights of all, environmental justice, ending homelessness, and simplifying the voting process.

11. Regina Duggins - 2019


 "Gina Mocha"  

Founder of Charleston Black Pride


AFFA- Charleston Black Pride

1801 Reynolds Ave -Unit A

Charleston, SC 29405



 Charleston Black Pride is an LGBTQ+ Of Color Organization.  

Our mission is to create opportunities that educate, inspire, improve, and celebrate the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Our vision is to cultivate, support, and increase awareness of the diversity of the LGBTQ+ people of color. 

12. Traci fant - 2019


Coming Soon

our angels at work

13. Clifford & Rosa Fulmore-2018


Coming Soon

14. Gail Powell Green - 2018


Coming Soon

15. William J. Hamilton III - 2019


 Executive Director
Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit
171 Church St. Ste. 160, Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 870-5299

We work to improve public transit in the SC Lowcountry by working to improve existing regular bus service and building public support for construction of the planned Bus Rapid Transit line.

16. Sarena & Raphael James- '19


On Aisle 9 




(843) 259-2658

 Onaisle9.com was born shortly after Sarena and Raphael learned that their son had been diagnosed with autism.  It was a challenging time for both of them. Eventually they decided to document their journey by starting a blog www.onaisle9.com
They chronicled their experiences, the good...and the otherwise.  Onaisle9.com strives to spark conversations of understanding, perspective, and sensitivity for those who know someone with special needs and for those who WILL know someone with special needs.

They are also writers. Through their production company, they have written, created and produced custom theatrical plays and skits. Through their storylines they take the time to tackle real life issues and concepts that often get overlooked in our communities.

17. John Kauth - 2019


John A. Kauth, LLC

John A. Kauth has volunteered for and worked with nonprofits, large and small, for over 50 years. He learned many years ago that rather than giving a small monetary donation his skills could be used to provide something of greater value to a nonprofit.

Low cost/no cost graphic solutions and website development for nonprofits.

Co-founder and webmaster for the Summerville Stone Soup Coalition

18. ReZsaun Lewis - 2019


Executive Director

Lowcountry Youth Services

PO Box 62216

North Charleston, SC 29419


Here at Lowcountry Youth Services, we offer several programs that provide Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester county youth with the tools they need to succeed in every area of their lives. 

Life is challenging at times, and for some children, it’s more challenging than normal.  Our 1-on-1, group mentoring and youth development programs address these needs, and our programs are intentional about providing positive role models and teaching children various life, social, and problem-solving skills. 

Our programs are available to young people from all ethnic, social and economic backgrounds.

our angels at work

19. Mavis Manigault - 2019


Coming Soon

20. Vermell Polite Meaders- '19


Coming Soon

21. David Miller - 2018


 Retired Partner - The Kickin Chicken Restaurant Group 


Chairman Emeritus James Island Outreach 

The James Island Outreach Is a coalition of churches and businesses that seek to serve the island community with a food pantry, financial assistance and other resources. Located at 1872 Camp Road the Outreach is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 930 Am - 11:30 am 

22. Aisha Miller- 2019


Founder of Knowledge Erases Hate (Columbia and Charleston Chapters)

Facebook.com/kehchs (Charleston)
Facebook.com/knowledgeeraseshate (Columbia) 

Knowledge Erases Hate is an Interfaith/Intercultural group and our mission is "To reach across all faiths, races, ethnicities, and lifestyles in order to learn about each other and bring unity to our communities. We aim to give people a voice, and then

Organized meetings that focus on specific topics or people groups will be posted on the facebook pages and we are always here to help with events and speaking engagements. Please contact Aisha Miller if you need a speaker on a topic related to Islam or if you would like help finding a speaker for any diversity related topic. We love to connect people who are making positive changes. 

23. Omar Muhammad - 2018


LAMC Executive Director

CCRAB Community Project Coordinator

EPA Region IV EJ Academy Class of 2016 Valedictorian 

2007 Environmental Leadership Senior Fellow

2125 Dorchester Road

North Charleston, SC 29405

(843) 737-4530 Office 

Visit our Website at: www.lamcnc.org

Like us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/lamcnchs

Like us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/CCRABEJ

Follow us on Tweeter at: @CcrabLamc

Watch our events live on Pariscope at: ccrablamc

Sign-up for Our E-Newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/bFwGUb

"Coming Together is a beginning; Keeping Together is progress; Working Together is Success." ---Henry Ford

24. Raymond Nelson III - 2018


Coming Soon

our angels at work

25. Nicole Orsini - 2019



NOBA Services, LLC

Charleston, SC



NOBA Services, LLC helps people with challenges achieve independence through Applied Behavior Analysis that takes advantage of the learning opportunities that arise in daily life for adults and children with autism and other challenges, and their families. We specialize in early intervention with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other challenges impacting behavior, speech and communication, social relationships, independence and skills of daily living, and other areas of significance to the individual and in society. Services are provided in the natural environment (at home, at school or day care, and in the community) to achieve results in the real world.

Our mission is to advocate for awareness and resources in a variety of areas to support special needs families. NOBA is partnered with many non-profit organizations to provide education, materials, and support in our Charleston community.

The right hands can solve any puzzle.

26. Patrick Patterson - 2019


Coming Soon

27. Ragina Scott Saunders- '19



5060 Dorchester Rd, Suite 320  N. CHARLESTON SC 29418

Email: DestinyCommunityCafe@yahoo.com

For more information call 843.640.1045

Destiny Community Cafe is a non-profit tax exempt pay-what-you-can community cafe. 

Destiny Community Cafe Vision

...is to eliminate hunger in the 

Destiny Community Cafe Mission 

... is to share love, offer hope, & build community. We serve to eliminate food insecurity, build relationships, and share life with our neighbors. 

Open: Seasonal Hours

Fall/Winter: Wednesday&Thursday  11AM-1PM

Spring/Summer: Weds -Friday 11AM-3PM

How It Works

We provide access to delicious, fresh, locally sourced, nutritious food for everyone regardless of means. 

Customers have multiple options to pay and to pay-it-forward.

  • Pay the suggested price
  • At less than the suggested price
  • By volunteering with us

Pay it Forward

  • Tip to fulfill our mission
  • Buy a $10 token that you can hand out yourself in the community 

Dining with a purpose. 

Join in the movement #SocialJustice #FoodJustice #DiningWithDignity 

28. Tina L. Singleton - 2019


 Founder & Curator
Transformation Table, LLC
Office: 843-642-7995

My TEDx talk is streaming now! “Global Connection Begins at the Dinner Table

We are inextricably linked by the human spirit, and WE have the power to shift from fear and hate to love, compassion, and empathy. 

Please watch and share the link by Facebook, Twitter, or forwarding it to your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family. 


29. Elizabeth Stribling - 2019


Coming Soon

30. Tisa Whack - 2019


 Co-founder of We Are Their Voices 

1410 Dabbling Duck Dr

Summerville SC 29483



 We Are Their Voices, mission is to provide outlets, access and opportunities to help young men express themselves, divert from negativity and become successful and positive members of their community. 

We are committed to being that voice and that change necessary to put an end to gun violence and redirect our young men on positive paths.

our angels at work

31. David White Jr. - 2018


 R3 Inc. and Laundry Matters

 51 Reid St.

Charleston, SC 29403



R3 Inc. (Real Talk Real Action Real Results) is an organization inspired by a passion to uplift youth. We equip the youth with the tools to enhance positive behavior, self-worth, self-esteem and educational achievement. Through superior programs and supportive partners, we aim to enrich the lives of our youth.

Laundry Matters is an essential and thriving resource for the community but it is also more than that. At the laundry, we employ three local residents, provide free laundry services for homeless individuals, offer free adult computer classes, host regular support groups, and provide other empowering resources such as free literature, tutoring information, employment opportunities and more.

32. Tanang Williams


 Sharee's Services
"Handling Business For You"



Sharee's Service's provides independent supportive office and business services, such as organizational and clerical tasks to include: billing invoices, proposals, on-boarding, client communications, business communication, service bids, contracts, leases, general power of attorney, notary services, sponsorship packages, resumes, email creation, workshops, social media marketing and a host of other services at reasonable rates. We tailor our services based on company needs. Let us make your work load lighter! 

As The Waylyn Neighborhood Association President, and founder of Sharee's Services, Notary Services are free for Waylyn Residents. We collaborate on events, activities, and workshops with several other Neighborhoods, Organizations, Government, Businesses and Churches in an effort to change the narrative of the Neighborhood for the better. We promote Healing, Hope & Empowerment by being the change we want to see! 

33. New Angel Coming in 2020!


Angels are all around you!

34. New Angel Coming in 2020!


Angels are all around you!

35. New Angel Coming in 2020!


Angels are all around you!

36. New Angel Coming in 2020


Angels are all around you!